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Member since: Mar 2017

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Hi Helen I suggest that you use the WALT recommendations:

Posted in Laser dosages, minimum and maximum 2 days ago

Thank you for sharing this on the forum. This is important to share with our colleagues worldwide.

Posted in Interferential current caused burn over tattoo 2 months ago

Hello Grainne, the key point for me with this situation is acknowledgment that current will take the...

Posted in Is it safe to use vaginal e-stim with a lady who has had vaginal mesh surgery 2 months ago

Great discussion. I agree with the clinical use of undertaking an SD test to provide an 'important p...

Posted in S/D curve 6 months ago

Thank you for this additional information. It is a 'relief' that the most recent adhesions (post ten...

Posted in Flexor tendon adhesions in the hand 7 months ago

Hello - in order to guide my reply I would be grateful to learn further details such as the duration...

Posted in Flexor tendon adhesions in the hand 7 months ago

Just a heads up that my colleagues (Drs Ethne Nussbaum, Pamela Houghton, Sandy Rennie, Joseph Antho...

Posted in EMS TENS parameters for effective quadriceps rehabilitation 7 months ago