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Dinesh Verma

Dinesh Verma

Member since: Nov 2016

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Not heard for such response to EStim as such . Only reason - I may think ....if it does REALLY r...

Posted in Interferential current caused burn over tattoo 2 months ago

Agreed... We should stay focused in this Forum on - EPA or Tech related matters . There are sever...

Posted in Why there's no section regarding general physiotherapy? 4 months ago

Dear Colleagues

Joining this interesting discussion late and I am aware of this Statement by APA ,...

Posted in Australian physiotherapists banning electrotherapy for LBP 4 months ago

Hi Prof - Apologies such exposure / experience.

Posted in Shortwave for a Liver Cyst?? 6 months ago

Hi Alison

Good to hear about your publication and we look forward to it.

Posted in EMS TENS parameters for effective quadriceps rehabilitation 7 months ago

Dear Esther

Interesting question and please let me answer best to my ability since I have been i...

Posted in NMES vitalstim in dysphagia in young infants effective?? 11 months ago

Hi Kelly

Its hard to ENDORSE ..One Modality OVER another...Also - We cannot generalize effects of...

Posted in US vs LASER. Which is the best choice if I can purchase only one? 11 months ago

Hi Helen - Reading your Question carefully : that deliver red light at 5mW. This seems ridiculo...

Posted in Laser parameters: minimum power for effectiveness 1 year ago

Truly said Prof Watson. Also based on my discussions with manufacturing industry experts - BAR...

Posted in Shockwave therapy 1 year ago

Applying pressure over the surface in conditions where - there is Fluid accumulation / swelli...

Posted in How much physical pressure is required when applying LASER? 1 year ago