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Dr Ethne Nussbaum

Dr Ethne Nussbaum

Member since: Oct 2016

Dr Ethne Nussbaum is a forum moderator

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Hello Ronald. The papers cited by Prof Watson may be all you need. However, do keep in mind that if ...

Posted in Laser to to reduce scaring from laceration in young child? 1 week ago

I like this question because I have performed so many S/D tests over the years. Most often respondin...

Posted in S/D curve 4 months ago

What you describe makes sense to me. When you were using 1000 ms pulses, presumably with a slowly ri...

Posted in NMES for nerve transfers? 5 months ago

Hello Natasha & colleagues. Early warnings that US affected growth plates arose from studies that ap...

Posted in Ultrasound over growth plate in peadiatric patient 8 months ago

I agree with Dinesh Verma. Also to keep in mind is your treatment goal. Do you only want to treat sy...

Posted in US vs LASER. Which is the best choice if I can purchase only one? 9 months ago

I have followed this interesting discussion - I'm joining in rather late. Kerry et al provided a pho...

Posted in Electrical stimulation on metal implant 10 months ago

Thanks for the SPIE reference Tim. SPIE format allows for not much more than a summary of ones resea...

Posted in How much physical pressure is required when applying LASER? 10 months ago

Please have a read of Nussbaum EL & van Zuylen J in Physiotherapy Canada for the evidence - I think...

Posted in How much physical pressure is required when applying LASER? 10 months ago