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Member since: Dec 2017

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Yes, that’s correct, a single diode. A multiple diode array will not affect the recommendations as t...

Posted in Low Level Laser Protocol Help 1 week ago

Dear Fernando, There is no “one size fits all” for laser photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. It is one...

Posted in Low Level Laser Protocol Help 1 week ago

Sorry, nothing to add from me either. Cheers, Liisa

Posted in Has anybody come across the company ASA Laser who are offering trials with magnetotherapy units? 1 week ago

Dear Hannah, Can I ask why you are considering shock wave over a fracture? Cheers, Liisa

Posted in Can you use shockwave over fractures? 3 weeks ago

Hi again, Fiona. Pleased to see that a Tim has responded. I’m happy to take this conversation off-li...

Posted in E-stim with Mirena in situ 8 months ago

Dear Mahlu, I agree with Cliff Eaton. A proper assessment and diagnosis is important. Then appropria...

Posted in Which massage style is best for people with backache? 8 months ago

Hi Fiona. I have been observing to see if you’ve had a response and as there appears to be no-one wi...

Posted in E-stim with Mirena in situ 9 months ago

Dear Lo Chi Ngai, I am in full support. The ISEAPT sub-group of the WCPT is very concerned by this i...

Posted in A campaign for retaining electrophysical agents in physiotherapy training and practice. 10 months ago

Dear Reda, Are you proposing to use eStim for pain, or muscle weakness, or something else? Regards, ...

Posted in Can I use electrical stimulation for people with SMA (spinal muscle atrophy)? 10 months ago

Hi Michelle. I would not recommend using shockwave therapy (ESWT) in the region that you are thinkin...

Posted in Can we use Shockwave Therapy in breaking up goiter scar tissue? 11 months ago