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Member since: Nov 2016

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Hi Jeffeson,

Conventional and acupuncture-like TENS are two general descriptions for parameter setti...

Posted in Qual o parâmetro mais recomendado para aplicação de TENS? 3 years ago

Hi Jefferson,

Espero que entiendan inglés ya que no confié en Google Translate para poner todo en Es...

Posted in Qual o parâmetro mais recomendado para aplicação de TENS? 3 years ago

Dear All,

Are tattoos a contraindication for therapeutic ultrasound? What I started to think about ...

Posted in Tattoo and therapeutic ultrasound 3 years ago

Richard, thank you for your comment. I agree that the Faradic/Galvanic test is a second possibility...

Posted in S/D curve 4 years ago

How about that new diathermy type: Tecar, would that be of any help?

Patrick De Bock, PT, physiother...

Posted in I want to generate unusually high levels of heat in biological samples using magnetic induction. 5 years ago

Hi Esther. Interesting debate indeed and in terms of Wendy’s raising blood pressure, mine got sky hi...

Posted in Australian physiotherapists banning electrotherapy for LBP 5 years ago

Thank you Tim and Richard.

@ Tim: yes, your comment is of great help, I'll get back to it later on. ...

Posted in S/D curve 5 years ago

Thank you for your comments. So far I see the same problems as some of you do, hardly anyone knows ...

Posted in S/D curve 5 years ago

When do we need a S/D curve? According to my experience, every time muscle testing shows a weak mus...

Posted in S/D curve 5 years ago

Dear Caitlin,

Theoretically monophasic microcurrent indeed can cause skin burns. However, I never o...

Posted in Is the use of HVPC or Microcurrent indicated for healing diabetic foot ulcers in individuals with decreased sensation of the limb? 5 years ago