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Prof Tim Watson

Prof Tim Watson

Member since: Oct 2016

Prof Tim Watson is a forum moderator

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thanks for the reference links - appreciated. Tim

Posted in Deep oscillation?? 3 hours ago

When I first came across the device, I thought it was going to be another 'short lived' gimmick, but...

Posted in Deep oscillation?? 4 days ago

Think it is this one ????? Let ...

Posted in Deep oscillation?? 1 week ago

Megan. Thanks for your query. Generally speaking, if the patient has any kind of implanted powered d...

Posted in VNS and Vital Stim 1 month ago

Niamh. Thanks for the query to the forum. I have just had a quick look on my database and have over ...

Posted in Radial Shockwave for calcified haematoma biceps 1 month ago

From what I can see in the literature, there is no reason that I can find which identifies a risk to...

Posted in Delivering shockwave when pregnant 1 month ago

When we looked at the available evidence several years ago for the UK (CSP) Guidance (2006) we could...

Posted in Is superficial heat appropriate in children or teens with leukemia? 2 months ago

Generally speaking, the larger the muscle group which is the target of the stimulation, the larger t...

Posted in Electrode size- does it matter? 2 months ago

As I understand it from ultrasound engineers, the more 'scratched' the ultrasound applicator face, t...

Posted in How much is the lifespan of an ultrasound transducer? 3 months ago

thinking about this one again last night. I know that there have been some studies on the effect of ...

Posted in Interferential current caused burn over tattoo 3 months ago