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Prof Tim Watson

Prof Tim Watson

Member since: Oct 2016

Prof Tim Watson is a forum moderator

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Michael. The use of Elec Stim (whether TENS, IFC or NMES) in back pain is primarily used as a means ...

Posted in Best Settings for Lower Back Injury 4 weeks ago

Serena. Thank you for your post and sorry for the delay in replying. Not sure about this specific ma...

Posted in Piriformis syndrome treatment 2 months ago

Rok. Thank you for your query. There is a lot of controversy around out there with regards the High ...

Posted in High Intensity Laser - Alarming lack of evidence ? 2 months ago

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Posted in Symptoms of Sleeping disorders 2 months ago

Theresa. I have lectured on this topic in many countries round the world - and in some, as you say, ...

Posted in Focused shockwave therapy for physiotherapists 4 months ago

Joris. This is a device which is largely unknown in the published literature so far as I am aware. I...

Posted in Are Healy’s frequency programs electrophysical treatment with real bioenergetically regenerative and pain reduce effects? 4 months ago

Please do not use this forum for the purposes of advertising - this applies to specific devices or p...

Posted in TENS and medications 5 months ago

Fal. Interesting that this is an anecdotally supported intervention yet there is very little in the ...

Posted in Ultrasound treatment effective for Trigger finger?? 5 months ago

Mohammad. Thanks for your post. I am no a laser expert in this field but given that nobody else is m...

Posted in I would like to invite the forum to help me with information regarding use of laser in Parkinson's disease. 5 months ago

Orly. Sorry that you did not get an answer previously. I am not aware of any research in this area. ...

Posted in non-surgical solution to the treatment of bunions 5 months ago