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Anti-Inflammatory Usage

Hello All, does the use of herbal/natural anti-inflammatories i.e Omega fish oils, turmeric, quercetin with bromelain during FESWT treatment lessen/interfere with the healing potential of FESWT as NSAIDs are thought to?

Will using these products during the time frame of treatment impact my overall healing?

Carl T

4 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Carl. Agree with Cliff - the effect(s) of shockwave are certainly proinflammatory (as opposed to anti inflammatory). Whilst the use of NSAIDS or herbal/natural meds is not contraindicated per se, it would seem that the effect of one treatment approach would lessen the benefit of the other - effectively wasting both. Either go for anti inflammatory or shockwave. Can't see the benefit of using them in combination and most of the research which has looked at it also says not to bother with the combination.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Carl ESWT is a pro inflammatory and the use of NSAIDs and cortico steroids have been demonstrated to have a negative outcome on the efficacy of ESWT If the use of herbal anti inflammatories have been shown to have a true influence of the inflammatory process then you should consider not using them in conjunction with ESWT Cliff

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