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Baker's Cyst and Electrotherapy

Hi there,

Any contraindications for using IFT/TENS/Ultrasound over a knee joint with Bakers Cyst?

Many thanks


Grainne Flannery

3 years ago

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Prof Richard Liebano
Prof Richard Liebano

Electrophysical agents are not contraindicated for patients with Baker's cyst.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Just adding my suport to the previous comments Grainne. I am quite sure you will find littel research to support the effectiveness but equally you will not find any to suggest that it will cause harm Cliff

Prof Alison Hoens
Prof Alison Hoens

In order to help guide selection of intervention, I am curious as to the possible cause of the Baker's cyst - is this related to a systemic condition (ie. inflammatory arthritis) or a comparatively discrete local injury?


I have used IFT for many Bakers cysts with good effect. Put a small electrode in the pop fossa and a large or medium on the anterior of the knee somewhere to complete the circuit. Use 45 - 90Hz, low intensity and for 20 mins. Average sized ones will respond within 3 sessions -ish. Don't use IFT for pain!

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Nothing that would constitute a contraindication for e stim in a patient with such a cyst. With regards effectiveness / efficacy, that is a different issue - might be useful if pain is a primary issue - but as per your original query, no, it is not CI'd. Tim

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