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Class 4or 3 laser?

Can anyone tell me which class of laser is better therapeutically and why??


1 year ago

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Prof James Bellew
Prof James Bellew

Claire, Cliff's response is spot on but if you are practicing within the United States, please be aware than many manufacturers who advertise Class IV lasers have modified the parameters to act more like a Class IIIb.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Claire Sorry for the tardy response but the site was hacked into :( Prouza et al's (2013) systematic review comparing LLLT to HPL states that HPL laser provides better outcomes due to the increased intensity. HPL using multiple wavelengths that are attracted to different types of Chromophores eg Water, Haemoglobin-oxidase, Cytochrome-C and melalin. Due to the increased power more photons can penetrate into the tissue, providing more therapeutic benefit at deeper target tissues. The additional power provided by HPL also significantly reduces treatment time, as the same amount of energy, required to influence healing, can be applied much quicker. This ensures you have treatment time to combine photbiomodulation therapy with other interventions. For example 10j/cm2 doasage applied over a 5cm2 area will take a 0.3W single probe LLLT 28 minutes to administer. Compared to a 15W (continuouis mode) HPL being 32seconds! All this comes at a price but if you can afford it go for HPL Cliff

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