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Electrical Muscle stimulation for fine motor function

Will it be beneficial to commence electrical muscle stimulation (using MH6000 Combo) on a 22 month old baby(with left hemiparesis) to achieve fine motor function on the left hand? What are the required parameters? Thanks in advance

Fasuba Ayobami Debowale

1 month ago

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@Cliff, thank you for your input. I will keep you posted.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Fasuba I am afraid I don't know the MH6000 unit or the type of current and paramters it uses Personally Ihave only used NMES (Chattanooga Compex) with one child of that age. He was a two year old with functional unilateral Talipes. One of your main issues is compliance and understanding. Fortunatley his parents were bery willing, understanding and prepared to use it daily while distracting the child with sweets or his favourite TV programmes. They used it every day for three months and surgery was avoided That said we were accepting more gross movemets that fine motor control so I cannot advise you in this What I would say is that you are not likely to cause harm so with informed parental consent it may be worth trying I would be interested to learn how you get on Best wishes Cliff

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