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EMS TENS parameters for effective quadriceps rehabilitation


For rehabilitating quadricep atrophy (following knee replacement, in an otherwise fit and healthy person) with a portable EMS TENS machine...

What are the most effective settings for pulse width, Hz, ramp, on and off times, and overall duration?

With a 2 channel machine, where would you recommend placing each pair of electrodes?

Would you recommend the same settings for both channels or different?

Many thanks


1 year ago

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Thanks very much for your help

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Hi KS Please forgive the tardy reponse. I use the four channel (2 channels on each leg if required) Chattanooga Compex device. The disuse atrphy programme, for Quads has a pulse width of 380us, Ramp up 1.5s ramp down 2 s work to rest 6 s (35Hz) on 7 s off (4Hz) The most effective place to put your electrodes is over the Motor Points. Anatomy books tell us these normally occur at the junction of the superior third to distal two thirds of the Quads. However, Gobo et al mapped them out and found they can occur anywhere in the quads. Place one channel over Vastus Medialis and the other over Vastus Lateralis and you should be fine. Turn up the intensity on both channels to your maximal tolerance. The more intensity the more muscle fibres you will recruit. These values may differ for the two muscles being stimulated Cliff

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