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Help Please - Mapping Tim Watson Ultrasound Dose Calculation with Ultrasound Device

  • I have a dog with partial cruciate ligament tear - diagnosed 10 weeks ago (Chronic) - owners can only afford conservative management
  • Area to be treated - around 5cm x 5cm - near bone
  • Confused how to map Tim's dose calculation using the below Ultrasound machine.
  • I don't want to use on animal until I feel confident with correct application

1MHz & 3 MHz devices -

1MHz & 3 MHz devices have the following settings - there doesn't appear to be a continuous option Output Density - 0.75W/CM squared (Max) Ptm - 1.5W Pulse Repetition Rate - 145Hz, 170 Hz, 200Hz Duty Factor - 18%, 21%, 25% Effective Radiating Area - 4cm square + 10% Measuring the treatment head size it is approx 4 cm diameter

Please can anyone provide guidance on best application & which device I should use?

My workings so far ..... using Tim's calculation (1 minute) x (number of times the treatment head fits over the lesion) x (the pulse ratio)


1 Minute x 1.2 (as treatment area only just bigger than head size) x ??? pulse ratio??

Thanks in advance.

Harriet Kitcat

4 months ago

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