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Hi, I use the Eurotherapy device for my clients which is a form of deep oscillation therapy. Can I continue to use this whilst I’m pregnant?

when using the equipment I can feel the oscialltion working up to my shoulder but it doesn’t feel like it goes any further. Obviously I would be using this for a prolonged amount of time and the company has done no clinical trials on pregnant women so can’t give me a definite answer. Could anyone shed any light?

Tara Dargavel

1 year ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

hi Tara I cannot think of any reason why not although I wouldn't be resting your tummy near the transmitter When I discuss vibration therapy contraindications I do advise caution. As although I am not aware of any evidence to say ot will cause harm equally I am not aware of any to say it will not Therefore, this has to be your decision My personal mantra is if in any doubt dont and then you cannot be wrong Cliff

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