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IF therapy on middle joint of middle finger

I have a mild subluxation in my middle joint and have had several Prolotherapy sessions on doctor says IF therapy would help with healing.

Could someone help me with electrode placement? I have gloves also but there is only one connection...would I be able to use gloves to help with healing? Many thanks for any help!

Mary Koetting

2 years ago

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Thank you Wendy! So very generous of you and Sandy to give me guidance and I'm very grateful.

I have tried the water method...I don't feel very much electricity using the IF. Should I be? I have a small unit that is supposed to have both channels being used whenever using the IF function...should I be putting 4 electrodes in the water instead of just the two?

I tried the water bath using the TENS also and it felt really good and it relieved some pain. The unit also has NMES and RUSS...could either of these help heal?

I will try the gloves tonite and but I'm still limited to 2 electrodes so I don't know if I'm having a real IF treatment.

Thanks so much!


You can use an electrically conductive glove - just put a standard large electrode on some other part eg your upper arm. We use gloves for patients with RA for instance. We do also use the waterbath technique described above. I would suggest 45 - 90Hz to increase the circulation and healing for the ligaments etc with relatively poor blood supply. (0 -100Hz was the standard frequency sweep that the original machines produced). 10 Hz will also increase the healing rate via the immune system, so I would suggest 45 - 90Hz for 20mins and then 10Hz for 10mins. You can do this twice a day if you can manage it and it should be a lot better within a week. Don't forget to move it too -100s of pain free movements!Hope that helps.

Dr Sandy Rennie
Dr Sandy Rennie

Hi Mary. I’m not sure about gloves with IFC - I’ve only seen one used with HVPC. However in your situation I would try using a hand bath technique with premodulated (one channel) IFC. Place two IFC electrodes on the bottom of a plastic basin in about 3 cm of water and place your hand in between the two electrodes. I would recommend cycling 0-100 Hz frequency for 20 minutes. Good luck! Sandy

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