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iontophoresis polarity ?

I want to use 4 % acetic acid in iontophoresis. Power source is a battery. Heel is the affected area. Electrodes will be put on heel and calf area. Acetate ion is negatively charged. Battery has + and - polarities. I want to know wire from the + end of battery will go to the affected heel area or the calf area ?

I request you to help in getting this answer.

Regards, Amit Joshi.


2 years ago

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Prof James Bellew
Prof James Bellew

Amit, Thank you for your reply. Yes, the positive end of the battery should go to the calf. I like your ingenuity and have had great experiences working with engineers on electrotherapy projects. Good luck. Jim


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the reply. My power source is a battery (DC power). For getting constant current, I have added resistances and preset potentiometer. I can vary the potentiometer and get the desired constant mA. It can go upto 60 mA. I will be using 4 mA for 10 min . The electrode stickers for iontophoresis are very expensive here. I will be using aluminium foil. I am a mechanical engineer.

Affected area - Heel. I will be using a cotton gauze dipped in 4 % acetic acid. This gauze (after squeezing) will be put on the affected heel area and covered with aluminium foil. A paper tape will be put on the aluminium foil and the skin. Alligator clip will be connected to the aluminium foil.

Aluminium foil will be put to calf. No solution and no gauze will be used. Alligator clip will be connected.

This is a lead acid battery with + and - polarities. I want to know where will the + end of battery go - to calf or heel ? I am stuck in this.

Regards, Amit Joshi.

Prof James Bellew
Prof James Bellew

Amit, I am not quite sure about the stimulator you will use but yes, the anode (+) end of the battery will go to an electrode placed somewhere other than the treatment area (the heel in this case) and this electrode will need a conductive agent such as saline or tap water. I am concerned that you are trying to use a battery all by itself as the voltage source. In this case, you will not be able to regulate the current intensity and may exceed a typical current amplitude used for iontophoresis (example: 2-5 mA). Thank you for the queston Jim

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