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Is superficial heat appropriate in children or teens with leukemia?

Ie for shoulder and back pain. We are aware of no heat over" solid" tumors, but wondered about "liquid" tumors? ( ie blood and bone marrow)


11 months ago

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Dr Sandy Rennie
Dr Sandy Rennie

I would agree with Professor Watson. The Physiotherapy Canada Special Issue on Contraindications and Precautions for Electrophysical Agents [2010;62(5)] did not discuss non-solid tumours - only malignancies where direct heat is contraindicated.

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

When we looked at the available evidence several years ago for the UK (CSP) Guidance (2006) we could find nothing that identified heat - superficial or deep - being problematic when considering non solid tumours. If it were able to 'make things worse' then having a hot bath would have a detrimental effect on malignant development. I can not see anything in the literature which identifies heat being problematic in this patient group but would welcome views from those who have looked at the literature in depth since my work (which is not 10+ years ago). Tim

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