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Laser settings in OA hips in dogs

Good evening everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend! I wondered peoples thoughts on how they deliver Laser therapy to the hip in dogs with osteoarthritis, are there general setting which you would use or do you individually calculate for each client? I am hopefully, about to start a piece of research on this subject and wanted the most up to date evidence regarding settings. Many thanks for any help with this Carol

Carol Wyse

2 years ago

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Hi Carol. Penetration is dependend from the used wavelength. Best studied is about 800 - 900 nm. Than it depends of the skin color, more pigment is more superficial absorption. Than class 3 is often not strong enough to penetrate in deepness and will take more time to treat. For the Class 4,manufacturers are working with different Frequencies in between 1- 20.000Hz , Intensities from 1-75 watts.....Some class4 can cause nasty burn wounds. I'm working with the MLS laser. You can keep the treating head on the same place without risks of burning the skin. I don't go for the choice of the pathology 'button' but I do analyse the symptoms, because no arthrosis is the same. I treat following the symptoms I detect such as Edema, Inflammation, calcification, Ligament strain .....

Patrick DVM, Vet-physiotherapy lecturer


Hello Carol. Just a clue, the more pigmented the skin the more energy has to be given. I do not know of any studies to parameterize this factor, but perhaps Fitzpatrick's classification can give an clue.

Last updated 2 years ago


Dear Ethne, Thanks for getting back to me! It will be a class 3b laser and I have both a cluster probe and a single point probe, it is the intelect system which i bought through Trimbio. I can alter the parameters. I think the dogs will be all shapes and sizes as it will be a convenience sample. Many thanks again. Carol

Dr Ethne Nussbaum
Dr Ethne Nussbaum

Hello Carol. Certainly I think that settings depend on the individual client, BMI particularly. But I think the first question is about the equipment you will be using. Do you have a choice or are you bound by a particular wavelength, power output and beam spot size. Are you focusing on dogs that are small or large or any size that comes along? These factors will inform the parameters that could be optimal for your research. Hope to hear more about your plans. Good luck.

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