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The laser class 4 is it really effective and if so for what pathologies?

Hello doctor,

I would like to contact you, I am physiotherapist in France. I want to buy a medical grade 4 laser with high power of 60w. I am looking for a laser to treat my patients who have tendinous pain, arthoses, contractures, cervico-brachial neuralgia, low back pain, discopathy ... We are already equipped with radial and focal shock waves. Diathermic. TENS. Endorphinic, UltraSound ... In France the laser is not developed except the Kaser (but which has just closed) because it has the reputation of being ineffective and very expensive. I see that in the USA, the laser is very used by rheumatologists and chiropractors.

Can you help me to acquire a laser?

First of all what is the real efficiency of the high power laser?

On which pathologies the laser is most effective?

What protocols do you have to offer me?

Which wavelengths to choose? 810nm, 910nm, 980nm, 1064nm

I am currently looking at this laser:

Thank you in advance for your help ?

Best Regard

Lionel Dirat

Lionel Dirat

1 year ago

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Hi, Can you tell me what is the wavelength you used? What is the average number of sessions required? On which pathologies do you have the best results? Do you use it in addition to other techniques? thank you Lionel

Cliff Eaton said:

I use this 15w laser with good effect

Cliff Eaton

Hell Patrick,

Thank you for your remarks. It is true that the Klaser is an inefficient laser (besides they went bankrupt in France). Their laser has a power, 1 5 Watts Continuous Wave (CW) power, 20 Watts super pulse (ISP). They have 4 wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm). Your MLS laser, at a peak power of 25W. What is the wavelength of your MLS? Each manufacturer wants to sell its device and says it is the best, safest and most effective .. The laser I am looking at has a max power of 60w but can be used necessarily with less power to not burn patients. I wonder about the effectiveness of the laser on tendinitis, pain, arthoses, contractures, cervico-brachial neuralgia, low back pain, discopathy ... After I must determine one or two effective wavelengths (810nm, 910nm, 980nm, 1064nm) and safe to treat the above pathologies. thanks in advance Lionel


Hello, I'm a veterarian, physiotherapist from Belgium. I've worked with several Lasers: Companion, KLaser and MLS. At the end I decided to continue with the MLS. The wavelengths were in the same scales. MLS is a bit less powerfull, but at least you don't create burn wounds, so you need to treat a little bit longer. If you check literature there is little said about frequencies, power. So every company has its own fairy tails about it. In compagnion animals I've possitive results in wound healing, lymphatics, tendonitis, disc disease... Out of Laser I'm also using TENS, Ultrasound,Shockwave, watertreadmill

Hope this can help'for you Patrick Herbots

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