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Use of Low dose ultrasound over haematoma on forehead

I am a physio and have a patient (female, mid forties) who has had a superficial haematoma on her forehead from tripping (no history of fainting or blackouts, just embarrassingly mistimed a step) and had direct impact with a door on 19th Dec, mild whiplash, mild concussion all subsiding.

No exacerbation of symptoms on testing VB insufficiency. Had X-rays and 2 brain scans and no evidence of bony injury or head injury at all, mild vertigo, which is all subsiding. Haematoma on forehead then burst spontaneously and blood all drained out. Saw her for the first time yesterday for an assessment as a medical friend of hers had recommended ultrasound to help break down haematoma along with massage etc like we would normally do elsewhere through the body on a haematoma in soft tissues.

None of my colleagues have done ultrasound in this area and I know it is of course contraindicated around the eye and C6/7 etc but this would be above eyebrow and into hairline, I cannot find any specific contraindications for low dose ultrasound in this direct area over the skull but understand its proximity to the eye and therefore this may directly contraindicate it. NO history of Ca or any other contraindications.

Many thanks for any help or insight.

Clare Daunter

1 year ago

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