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VNS and Vital Stim

Is okay to use Vital Stim for a patient who has a VNS magnet to control seizures? Thank you!

Megan Cawlfield

1 month ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Megan. Thanks for your query. Generally speaking, if the patient has any kind of implanted powered device, it is safest to consider the use of e stim to be a contraindication until established otherwise. I tend to be more 'liberal' with regards contraindications than many others, BUT there is a potential for the stimulator to have an influence on the implanted device, AND if this happens, the outcome could be serious. The manufacturer should have details of potential interference and it will be interesting to see what they say. I would (personally) hold off till I was sure one way or the other. Tim


Anyone can give me a specific LINK with info about this VITAL STIM? :) Thanks!


Hi Megan. A great question and one I have not specifically come across before. However, I am in agreement with Rick. I am assuming the 2 devices are being proposed for use as per their specific purpose and intent (swallowing and epilepsy prevention)? In which case the issue of device shielding is important to know given the potential proximity for use and potential leakage of energy from one to the other. I look forward to learning what others think. Liisa


I would suggest that in the first instance the answer is no. Further to that, you may look at contacting the manufacturer of the VNS device to affirm one way or another. They may have been able to shield interference in design. We have been working with Cochlear implant engineers of a manufacturer in determining safe use and distances etc. The engineers of the VNS device may have already data in this regard.

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