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We have a portable djo radial shockwave machine can it be used to treat erectile dysfunction problems ?

We are orthopaedic practitioners and have completed our training in shock wave thereapy within the NHS. We have recently started a private shockwave clinic and have been asked if we can help with erectile disfunction patients. Would we need any additional training courses?

Shelby hills

1 year ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Shelby All of the current published studies use FSWT for ED. I have been told by Storz that there are some pilot studies going on in the USA using RPW but nothing published as yet There was one article banded around by a manufacturer quoting a case study done in a local University to their factory, using their machine claiming a great result with RPW for ED. This cannot be taken as evidence to practice I must also add that FSWT has been shown to work for ED conditions relating to poor blood supply. There are, of course many other reasons for ED In my opinion this is a specialist area for Urologists and should not be considered if out of scope of practice Best wishes Cliff


No,.. It has a huge negative muscle tensile effect.

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